Induction Heating

This page documents the efforts of Patrick Prybil and I. We are currently developing a high power induction heating system at the UCLA Basic Plasma Science Facility. The system will be used to heat plasma sources at the lab, such as Lanthanum Hexaboride sheets.

A RF power supply was constructed with six 500V 90 amp Mosfets.

The power supply was used to complete several induction heating tests with small coils. Four induction heating capacitors from Celem were purchased. The original capacitors were 200 Amps at 1200 Volts.

Celem Power Capacitors Link

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The original power half bridge was rebuilt. More capacitors were added and a new bus structure was built. This version ran at a power level of 6kW.

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LaB6 glowing brightly at 6kW. We heat the pieces of LaB6 in a small vacuum chamber pumped down to 1 milliTorr.


The inverter was rebuilt again to run at an even higher power level. It now operates as a full bridge inverter with twelve 500V 90A MOSFETS. This version operated at a power level of 12.4kW.


To see more picture of the inverter and induction heating experiments visit my flickr photopage.

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