Tesla Coil 3


Transformer 3 NST's in parallel providing 12KV at 90ma
Primary Brass Weatherstrip in conical shape
Secondary 24'' X 4''28AWG
Capacitor MMC 45 .1uf
Toroid 2'' by 8'' and 4'' by 12'' Spun Aluminum
Spark Gap Synchronous Rotary Gap providing 120BPS

Transformers and coil base

Newly painted transformers were used for the power supply. Aluminum flats were used to connect the transformers in parallel. Also, a terry filter was installed for NST protection.


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Final Results

This has been one of my most reliable coils ever, due to its robust construction, terry filter, and its huge MMC bank. I have demoed this coil countless times for family and friends. I also did a reliability test and let the coil run at full power for 1.5 hours.


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